Targonski Family History

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The Targonski family has a long and varied history beginning in Poland and then on to the United States where we, at least our branch of it, are primarily located.

The Polish -ski ending to a name generally indicates ownership of or long established residence in a village or small town. The name Targonski is derived from the village of Targonie Krytuly, which is in the state of Lomza, Poland.

The Targonski's are decendents of a larger and older clan known as the Grzymala clan. This particular clan is one of the larger clans and one of, if not the first to claim a coat of arms.

Some authorities believe that this coat of arms was brought to Poland from Germany by a knight named Zylberschweg or Zelberszwecht. It is, however, one of the oldest Polish coats of arms, whose clan's war cry was Grzymala (for Thunder). The original homeland of this clan was the district of Lomz'a in Masovia. The coat of arms was later augmented by a man in full battle armor standing in the gate, whose left arm held a shield, whose right arm held a raised sword. This augmentation was received by Przeclaw Grzymala, for his courageous defense of the city Plock in 1078 against the Jatwings from Prince Wladislaw Hermann.

Subsequently the coat of arms was also abated: Prince Boleslaw Wstydliwy of Poland (1127-1179), exiled the knight Grzymala, owner of Gos'lice in the Palatinate of Plock, on the suspicion of treacherous dealings with Prince Kazimierz of Kujaw, and as further evidence of the Prince's displeasure closed the gate in this knight's coat of arms.

A second (though positive) abatement also occurred: When the Lithuanians along with the Jatwings attacked Masovia, a Grzymala, owner of Zielony and Slasy, courageously stood against them, inflicted a defeat upon them and hunted them down. For which feat of arms, the coat of arms was abated around the knight and the gate, leaving only a wall with towers, where there formerly was also a rampart.

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Grzymala Clan Crest


Zelberszwecht Battle Coat of Arms



Targonski Family Crest      


The Targonski's from which I descend emigrated to the United States in the early 1900's. My great-grandfather (George Targonski) arrived in the US in 1912 ,was a Laborer and was born in Poland in 1895 according to the 1930 US Census.  He was 34 at the time of the 1930 census. My great-grandparents on the other side (John and Wanda Waszczak) arrived in the US in 1906 and 1908, respectively. They were both born in Poland, John in 1889 and Wanda in 1893. John was a brick-layer and the census did not indicate any job for Wanda. 


I was able to find out this information online using Google and through the use of Ancestry.com and their extensive record collection. If you are interested in finding out your family history I encourage you to check out these options and any others as it can be very fascinating.